Hi! My name is Michael Grindheim, CEO of Frozen Moment Photography. I became fascinated with photography at a very young age. Born in Ukraine, and orphaned at the age of two, I was adopted at the age of seven, by a family here in the states. Overwhelmed by all this family had to offer, I remember being most impressed with their Polaroid camera. I was completely fascinated when my mom took a photo, and within seconds the print came out and I was able to see the image. From that moment on, I always thought of photography as a kind of magic. Adding to that, years later, being able to recall important times and people in my past because of the images made by that magic Polaroid, photos soon became a vital part of my life. I'm convinced that without those pictures, some of my important memories would have been lost forever.

My love of photography continued into my teen years, and through hard work and perseverance, I was finally able to buy a camera of my own. I found myself taking photo after photo, one never being enough. This is when I learned there was so much more to photography than "Point and shoot". I began to realize that I could also show my creativity through photography. Some people create using instruments, or art media, I create frozen moments in time, through the lens of a camera.

Photography, can also tell a story. I have learned to preserve God's handiwork on glossy paper. Like others, I often get caught up doing, going, or running somewhere. But photography is where I find peace, and an opportunity to get closer to God. I have spent hours shooting the night sky, where God's beauty shines. His art is all around us, but sometimes we don't notice it until we see a still photo. Thanks to photography, we can marvel over it, preserve it, and share it with others so that they, too, might be as blessed as the one who captured it.

My goal:

 To provide you a wonderful, happy, successful photo session, without all the stress and hassle of trying to do it yourself. In your busyness, don't fail to take time to preserve your important moments, flying by at warped speed. I would love to give you those one of a kind shots, that will preserve your memories for a lifetime, or longer; memories you will be proud to share with friends, neighbors, and more importantly, generations to come.